Peaky Blinders 2018

3rd Peaky Blinders

Saturday 20th October 2018, 12 Noon

Bull Moon Hash

Peaky Blinders 3 (2018) - The Straight Edge Trail as seen by Fingerless

Dangerless and I started our journey at Wellington Station waiting for a train to Birmingham, it was here that Dangerless got talking to a young lad dressed in a Peaky Blinder cap and waistcoat. Richard it appeared was on his way to Birmingham for some birthday drinks with his friends so we shanghai’d him.

Having arrived at New Street I had to find somewhere to pay for my train ticket, then we had to find our way out of the station and out toward Gas Street Basin.

When we arrived at The Canal House the well oiled machine that is a Bull Moon H3 Peaky Blinders event was in full effect.

Late Comer was busy checking off the sign ups and handing out menus taking orders & collecting money for the  food stop later.

Nose Job was handing out the Peaky Blinder H3 momento, a natty little lapel badges which in most cases seemed to make it on to peoples caps!

I was impressed with the Harriett’s who had found appropriate 20’s style clothing, no mean task without a movie budget.

It was good to see so many of the usual suspects had already arrived and were enjoying their first drinks.

Blofeld & Flasher, Chris W. now a fully fledged BMH3 Hasher welcome Day Tripper, Dr Dolittle, Soggy and Mad Max.

There were also returning Peakies, Dirty Squeeler & Stalker from Wessex H3 and Atame & Colonel Klink from Warwick H3. It was also good to see Bull Moon hasher Tracy again.

Plenty of new faces at a Peaky Blinder event this year, Brigadoon up from BOGS and Bouncer from Brighton H3 sporting some very safe razors in his cap!

Dip Stick who appeared not to have got the memo about it being a Peaky Blinder theme wore a Third Man T-shirt from Euro Hash in Vienna. I don’t recall seeing any canals in Vienna but Birmingham does have a Ferris wheel.

With everyone finally arrived and signed up just one more task, to introduce this years BMH3 Mis-management with a Down-Down and finally before we set off getting the traditional group photo of the pack.

Nose Job led the way to a bridge with a view over The Gas Street Basin from where he gave the first part of the history of the Birmingham Birmingham Canal Company, a very detailed history of the canal development and the Gas Street Basin.

His lecture over we moved on to the Tap & Spile another canal side pub where Richard’s friend Hannah caught up with us .

This was a return visit for some of the regular Birmingham hashers, it is a pub with a great selection of beers including two from Timothy Taylor on tap.

Drink up time and we had to move outside for more fun filled facts this time from that crazy fun guy Dip Stick after we got him off the bonnet of the expensive motor he was lying on!

We also got the barmaid outside so Brigadoon could thank her on behalf of the pack. What away to start your shift!

Now a short walk to the food stop so we had time to stop for another photo opportunity this time in front of a mural of the famous photograph 1930s American steelworkers taking lunch, not a place to lean back and relax!

Onward to the food stop at The Bulls Head with an exotic Indian style menu my choice Kati roll grilled Jeera chicken and fries very nice. With a room to ourselves it gave NJ a chance to play DJ, mate don’t give up  the day job. The Bulls Head had a bit of a Peaky Blinders theme going on.

Time to move on we took another short walk, turning head as the pack crossed roads en-mass. This was not all one way as we came across a red Ferrari in a classic sports car rental garage. Big boys toys hey Stalker, it was hard to get him out of the car!

The next beer stop was in a classic tiled Victorian pub The Craven Arms in Upper Gough Street, finally a chance for Cider! Thundering Molly.

Before we moved on a final piece of history was delivered by Brigadoon & Late Comer.

Then On On to cocktail time only pausing to take photos outside The Mailbox by a giant sized red angle poise lamp. Flash back to a 1960s childhood TV programme, Land of the Giants!

When we arrived at the Be At One cocktail bar a regular haunt on Peaky Blinders events it was very busy, various cocktails were sampled and some dad dancing was spotted, but eventually the pack thinned as we drifted off towards the final stop of the day.

The Wellington on Bennett’s Hill, the natural haunt for any Bull Moon Hasher, we managed to find space out on the balcony terrace to enjoy the many beer and ciders on tap.

Finally Fingerless & Dangerless had to make their excuses to leave and catch their train home but the journey wasn’t uneventful as they dropped off and missed the stop at Wellington and arrived in Shrewsbury. It seemed a pity to waste the journey so we carried on to The Salopian by the river Severn to enjoy another drink before getting a taxi back home.

Not as detailed a scribe as I had hoped but alcohol and having so much fun I rather forgot my duties. But I hope it gives you the flavour of the day and I will certainly make a note to sign up again next year.

On On