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This Years Fond Memories

Run 52, 07 March 2020: The Duke of York, Lichfield

Ok, better late than never - the report from the Bull Moon Hash from The Duke of York, Lichfield on Saturday 7th March. Hashers gathered from Warwickshire, Bogs and Quorn hashes on a sunny morning. The trail took us past rather nice houses, through parks, jitties and over the railway line a couple of times. Oh, and we found the fairies garden too. Back at the pub, RA Dr Doolittle gave the hares, Walky Talky and Wriggle, down downs of Corona lager to help the sales of this drink; Baritone was given a down down for shouting 'RU?' rather than checking out the trail, Fill My Cavity because she got lost on trail, and Col Klink and Day Tripper for their spectacular falls. And then it was on to social drinking and eating. On on the the April Hash.


Run 50, 2020 January 2020: All Nations Inn, 20 Coalport Road, Madley, Telford, TF7 5DP. 4th Birthday & 50th hash weekend in Ironbridge (hangover hash with Donnington H3: The Old Fighting Cock, 48 Market Street, Oakengates, TF2 6DU)

See pictures and write up HERE

Run 51, 15 January 2020: Jewellers Arms, Jewellery Quarter RED DRESS & FEATHER BOA HASH FOR "ON On For OZ"

Scribe from Thrifty Gaffer (visitor)

What a genteel bunch of hashers !

The trail was perfectly laid by Dipstick ( if you can believe that ) and Nosejob. The on out was fluid to say the least and soon we were in a bit of a pickle at Branston St.

The situation was grave - so we went through a cemetery. Checks all over the place but we plodded on. Round canals - shunning the invitation to short cut although some unnamed participants chose taxis and were duly punished.

On On to a pub with no beer. Nosejob said it wasn’t his fault but he was the hare so absolutely guilty. Various VP on the way - did d they make that up - and blue chalk arrows in blue bricks; it was a shambles.

Recognising our frustration the hares took us to a second pub with real ales and all was well. Vinyl music in the background, we were rocking.

On out took us down the road for our OnInn and great food.

I’ll leave others to comment on the down downs.

Funds were counted from the collection of more than 20 hashers; well over £200.00. It was a great day and a great intro for a Bull Moon virgin.


Scribe from Wriigle:

Thanks Thrifty Gaffer for your write up about Saturday - let's see what I can remember... Oh yes, your cap blowing off into the canal, and Mr Sheep losing his red nose in the same way - wonder where both items are now??

There were hashers from Oxford, BOGS, Wyre Forest, Rutland, Quorn, Ebley Full Moon, Bicester and Bull Moon - apologies if I have missed a hash off the list. Oh, mustn't forget "Storm Dennis" who made a number of appearances throughout the afternoon.

The trail took us along the canal, through the old streets of the Jewellery Quarter and into the city centre. There were a couple of beer stops, and in one I was giving travel advice about Birmingham to an American... LOL. By the way, the nice man on the tram back to Grand Central let me use my train ticket. Loved the new Banksy picture.

When we all gathered back at the pub, Dr Doo thanked:nj and Dipstick for the varied trail and awarded them down downs. Other down downs went to Canary Boy for using Google maps to get from the station to the pub; Tinderbox who was not able to find her way out of the pub; P Bomb who is doing Brighton Half Marathon - and was given the chocolate bar instead of a drink; Private Parts and Fill My Cavity following their discussion about narrow locks and narrow boats; Thrifty Gaffer for losing his cap; Marie, Max and Tinderbox who took a taxi from the pub stop back to the Jewellery Quarter; Hair Flash and Dr Doo for their romantic Valentines evenings the previous day - Hair Flash took Easy Whip to Wetherspoons and Dr Doo went to the Men Only Hash; Cookie for her comments about a certain part of Dr Doo's anatomy; Private Parts who said 'double' when asked if she wanted a 'single' train ticket; Dipstick for losing the bag of flour; and myself for being a Luddite re Facebook; finally ;nj for suggesting a red dress run in February.

A fun day out, and we raised lots of money for a good cause.

See you in Ironbridge or Lichfield. On on.

Branston Street
One of our hares (Dip Stick)
Is that Zombie's coming towards us? No it is just a Red Dress Hash.
Still hashing through a graveyard
Makeing our way to the photo spot
Group photo
Group photo zoomed
Looking down on hashers
Our other hare (Nosejob - on the right)
Second group photo (part 1)
Run 51 Feb 2020 12
Run 51 Feb 2020 12
Second group photo (part 2)
In "The Distillery" that had no real ale on, but plenty of Gin etc. Incidently we hashed in at the roadside/top level and out through the cannal/bottom level..
Most people found a drink to their liking anyway
Mr Sheep's red nose in the cannal, he never got it back :-(
Hashers both sides of the cannal (one pair has ab it of catchng up to do (not short cuts through the cannal!)
Hashing along the Norrow Locks
We had a regroup/sweetie stop outside the Brewmasters house
At the Rock & Roll Brewhouse
Down Downs for the hares
Grand Total

Run 49, 11 January 2020: Bull's Head, Shenstone

Twenty hashers from Bull Moon, Quorn, Donnington, Warwick, Ebley Full Moon and Bristol gathered on Saturday at the Bull in Shenstone for the first Bull Moon Hash of the new month, year and decade. Wriggle arrived on time - a new year resolution? Latecomer lived up to her name, and Ring Pull drove into the car park as the Hashers were leaving.

Well done Soggy for setting a hash which took in the park, roads, muddy and wet fields, and a churchyard. The runners trail included a loop with a flooded road, an overgrown track and a sweetie stop - this is hashing at its best!

Back at the Bull, RA Dr Doo gave out the down downs:

  • Soggy as a local hero - he had been drinking in Gloucester on Friday night, and laid and then ran the trail on Saturday
  • Marie for her new shoes
  • Walky Talky who has more than a small handful
  • Wriggle who has scribed her first hash since being appointed scribe at the AGPU
  • Durex who thought he saw Dobber arriving - maybe he needs to go to Specsavers
  • Malteser who had the wind in her.

Col Clink, guest RA, awarded down downs to:

  • Bum Scratcher
  • Fare Blower - dressed for an arctic expedition - and Just Enough - dressed in a t shirt.

Hash Scribe: Wrigle

Group shot, to show we all made it back
A strong start to the hash
Mind your head on the low bridge
First re-group, 'in a nice sheltered place for a windy day'
Hashing through puddles, it wasn't a deep as it looked (in most places)
Hashing through brambles, nice bright coloured tops
Hashing through brambles, it was hard work
Hashing through a church & it's graveyard

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