Welcome to Bull Moon H3



The hashes will continue as pre-booked pods, in line with our Covid-19 risk assessment and to assist the hares with arrangements with the pubs. Please continue to book online. Please book into a pod here for any trail


Please read Covid-19 Risk Assessment and Social Distancing Guidelines before turning up.


We will still continue with our weekly Thursday night quizzes (with a rotating quiz master) and zoom socials on the evening of our hashes for the foreseeable future. For more details email here.


In the meantime, please stay safe, well and keep in touch with us.


Please note if you are driving, Birmingham central is now part of a CAZ (Clean Air Zone), with a charge from £8 for "high-polluting" vehicles. More details can be found HERE.


Nosejob & the Bull Moon Team➰👣

Next at Bull Moon

***We will continue to have pre-booked pods to help assist the hares with arrangements with the pubs (may not be available until 2 weeks before)***

For more runs see our upcoming runs page HERE.


If you would like to volunteer to hare one of the trails, please contact our Hare Raiser (Soggy Balls) - you can speak to him on a hash or contact him HERE


If you want more details on our T3 runs please email here or check out our T3 Facebook page here.

New to Hashing?

If you don’t know much about hashing but would really like to find out more the best place to start is our Frequently Asked Questions page. It is packed with useful information and will get you off to a flying start on your hashing journey.


Who are Bull Moon Hash House Harriers?


Bull Moon H3 is the first Full Moon Hash in Birmingham, meeting on a monthly basis on or around the date of the Full Moon.


We are a relatively new hash, established in February 2016, so we are still quite small. We usually have between 10 and 20 hashers on each run but we are actively campaigning to get new members and hope to expand in 2018.


Our runs usually start at 12:00 pm on a Saturday and 7:00 pm on a weeknight, on or close to a full moon. We run from a variety of excellent pubs all over the Birmingham area – and sometimes further afield. You can see our previous runs HERE, and our planned runs HERE.


Run fees are £2.00 but first time and first visitors are free.


When you join us you can expect a warm welcome, a buddy/mentor who will ensure you meet the regulars, understand the trail markings and 'traditions' we follow.


So please have a look at our planned runs and if any take your fancy just turn up. We would love to see you.