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If you want to see more details about our events coming up in the next month CLICK HERE or check out our Facebook page HERE.

If you want more details on our T3 runs please email HERE or check out our T3 Facebook page HERE.

Please not that from April 2024 the run fee will be £2.50 We accept it in cash, or payments direct into our bank account and are trailing using sum up for card payments.

If you would like to volunteer to hare one of the trails, please contact our Hare Raiser (Soggy) - you can speak to him on a hash or contact him HERE.

If you want to see some hash events set by other hashes please see HERE.

🚗 Please note if you are driving, Birmingham central area (within the A4540 Middleway Ring Road) is now part of a CAZ (Clean Air Zone), with a charge from £8 for "high-polluting" vehicles. More details can be found HERE🚗

Other Hash Events

Check out the UK Hash House Harriers** website for details of lots of other events and hashes around the UK.

**Please note this website is temperamental and doesn't always work**.

Here are some Hash Events we are know about, that might be of interest to you.  However as these are not our events the below information may not be up to date (please check the links or contact the organiser's if you require more information).

Other Hash Events
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