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T3 (Thirsty This Thursday)


In 2020 Bull Moon H3 launched T3 (Thirsty Third Thursday), we initially met on the third Thursday of the month at 7 pm from a Central Birmingham pub. However in April 2022 it was decided we would run weekly becoming Thirsty This Thursday. Since then we have added a 🧀cheese and a 🍛curry night theme, expanded the area we cover and sometimes over the winter we have reduced the number of trails and adjust the start time when appropriate.

We start between a 6:30 pm and 7:00 pm start (depending on the time of year) from a Birmingham and surrounding areas pub.

Run, Jog or Walk the route (approx. 5 km with regrouping/stops) for £2.50 per trail (free for first timers), then stay for a drink at the pub after if you want.


Follow our chalk trail*** around the pavements, footpaths, back alleys etc. around Birmingham with us, working together to find the right route on the night.

*** The trail is normally marked in blue chalk (but may also be white flour). At a junction there may be a circle with T3 in it, there will only be chalk/flour on the correct route from the circle. If you aren't on chalk/flour you aren't on trail, retrace your steps to the last mark to pick the trail back up. Normally there are one or two regroups on trail that require you to wait until everyone has caught up or if you are lucky pub stops (so you can have a drink {always wide to have cash or card on you to pay for the drink] while you wait for everyone to catch up).

Check our HOME page for the full details of next few T3 runs (and other things Bull Moon H3 are doing in the next month).

Check our UPCOMING RUNS page for the full list of things T3 and Bull Moon H3 are doing.

About T3
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📅Future T3 events (meet the hare from 15 minutes before the start)

To keep up to date with events and changes please keep an eye on the Facebook page HERE or for more information or to join the T3 WhatsApp group CONTACT US HERE.

🍺Soggy Balls would like to run from all 51 of the Black Country Ales pubs in 2024/2025. Click HERE for an interactive map with the pubs and which ones still need a hare/date.🍺

From Previous hashes HERE are the Pictures 📷and HERE are the write-ups✍️.

🚗 NOTE : If you are driving , Birmingham central area (within the A4540 Middleway Ring Road) is now part of a CAZ (Clean Air Zone), with a charge from £8 for "high-polluting" vehicles. More details can be found HERE. 🚗

Previous runs photos

Previous Runs

Previous rins write-ups
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