T3 (Thirsty Third Thursday)


In 2020 Bull Moon H3 launched T3 (Thirsty Third Thursday), we initially met on the third Thursday of the month. However in April 2022 it was decided we would run weekly becoming Thirsty This Thursday. We may return to every third Thursday when the evenings get darker again.


We meet from 6:54 pm and start at 7:00 pm from a central Birmingham pub.

NOTE : If you are driving, Birmingham central area is now part of a CAZ (Clean Air Zone), with a charge from £8 for "high-polluting" vehicles. More details can be found HERE.


Run, Jog or Walk the route (approx. 5K) for free (no membership fees), then stay for a drink at the pub after if you want.


Follow our chalk trail*** around the pavements, footpaths, back alleys etc. around central Birmingham with us, working together to find the right route on the night.

*** The trail is marked in blue chalk. At a junction there may be a circle with T3 in it, there will only be chalk on the correct route from the circle. If you aren't on chalk you aren't on trail, retrace your steps to the last chalk mark to pick the trail back up.

For more information on T3 please contact Soggy HERE or check out our Facebook page HERE.

Check our HOME page for the full details of next few T3 runs (and other things Bull Moon are doing in the next month or so).

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Future T3 dates

Previous Runs

➰Thursday 21st October 2021; T3 Run 10 (Spotted Dog)

➰Thursday 16th September 2021; T3 Run 6 (Gunmakers  Arms)

➰Thursday 26th August 2021; T3 Run 8 (Bull's Head)

➰Thursday 15th July 2021; T3 Run 7 (Craven Arms)

➰Thursday 17th June 2021; T3 Run 6 (Jewllers Arms)

The T3 run in June was from the pub that recently named the best real ale pub in Birmingham. The May run had to be postponed.

➰Thursday 15th April 2021; T3 Run 5 (Gunmakers)

Well T3 is back! And live hare Soggy did us proud, on a fresh sunny april evening. We kicked off with a nice pint hockley gold to settle any nerves. We were off...The pack wound it’s way through the streets and underpass labyrinth of..chalk n trail. In our fanatic attempt to catch the live hare, the On On’s echoed off the ononlooking buildings. We soon reached the bronze bull the halfway point. The trail unveiling the city’s history and the catwalk of the new as we winded our way back past the floozy in the jacuzzi window box. We then hit the straight n narrow (well Canal’s are). By accident we were in the underworld, entombed from the streets above, still within earshot, we were on on the home straight.

➰Thursday 17th December 2020; T3 Run 4 (Gunmakers)

➰Thursday 19th November 2020; T3 Run 3 (Jewellers Arms)

➰Thursday 15th October 2020; T3 Run 2 (Bulls Head)

➰Thursday 17th September 2020; T3 Run 1 (Gunmakers Arms)

Well T3 finally started last night. There was three of us Nosejob, P-Bomb and Soggy. We all met on time at 6.15pm outside the Gumakers Arms. So the trail started off well we went straight in the pub for a swift one. From there we started on the trail. This is marked with blue circles as check points with T3 inside. Once on a check the trail can go in any direction.... but only one has chalk on so no need to kick out the check. The trail will be there for a few days so please make use of it. The trail took up through the centre of Birmingham and around the mailbox. Finishing at a great pub called the Bulls head. We stopped for a refreshing pint (Golden ale) and something to eat. The Kati flatbread wraps are awesome. The food here is excellent and well priced and Delicious. Tony the manager was really helpful the place was spotless. They have made all efforts to look after there customers.

So T3 is off to a great start.