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Stretch's 50th pub crawl
Friday 28th to Monday 31st October

To celebrate his 50th birthday Stretch (Steven Tuckfield) is inviting hashers & friends to join him in a 50 pub pub crawl over 4 days🍻.

There is a full list of pubs below so you can pick and choose where you join in.

Friday, Saturday and Sunday are in Bristol and Monday is in Portishead.

Please note the Time is the approximate start time at the pub and the leave time will vary depending on how long it takes to walk between pubs 🚶‍♂️.

There is also the opportunity to join two hashes and the pub timings have factored them in.

👣 Bristol Hash are running on Sunday 11 am (prompt)

👣 Bristol Greyhound Hash are running on Monday 7 pm (prompt) - bring a torch🔦 as it will be dark. 

Full List of Pubs

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